With what fruit or vegetable can you identify with?

My favourite vegetable plant thing is called {purslane}. It grows like a weed out in the desert and it has small round leaves, and they feel kind of rubbery and on the bottom of them it looks like there is glitter. Just like sparkles. And basically it´s like a superfood, it is kind of like spinach. It tastes like spinach which is my favorite normal kind of thing that you can get in grocery stores. The rad thing about {purslane} is that it grows wild in the desert. And I identify with it ´cause I was born and raised out in a somewhat of a harsh environment but I am always comfortable because I know how to survive in the environment here.

And there´s so much of these plants (…) there is so much of this that it can feed all the homeless people easily and it can feed all the (other) peeps too. And it´s like a super food, it makes you feel super strong and it grows like a weed out here. People just treat it as weed. They spray it, they pull it, they don´t even know that you can it it. And it´s amazing. Does this answer your question? Yeah, it´s really amazing. They feel rubbery, they are kind of thick, ……. Tiny little sparkles of like glitter. It´s kind of a light green on the bottom side and a darker green on the top, and …. It´s magical.



Met at Phoenix Public Market, Sol Seraf shares at least as much light as Arizona´s sun.