What fruit or vegetable is Tuly, your wife – and why?

R: Well, I´d rather say Tuly can be a coconut. And the reason is that a coconut, from outside, is really hard and a bit harsh maybe. Because Tuly is a bit straight forward. She always says what she feels like. She is not like other persons who do not express their true feelings. If you go inside the coconut, you find clean and fresh water. It´s like the cleaness and the freshness you find in Tuly. If you go inside and spend some time with her. Yes, it reminds me of coconut.

And the interesting thing – as we just talked about personality tests and that there is only 1% of your type: coconut is the only fruit or plant which has sterile liquid inside.

Both: True.

Tuly: Thank you.

Jackpot. Wow!


But now another question: How do you best open a coconut?

R: There is, please (laughter) – you can answer the question, no problem.

Tuly: It´s nice to hear about myself from the person who knows me the best.

R: It´s a tricky question for me because I always find it difficult to open a coconut. …But I think there are spots, if you follow the the coconut, and you can just press it and it opens. It´s easy. …Is it? I can see you (laughter)

Tuly: …The thing is: What do you want to get out of the coconut? If you want to get the fresh water then you have to like knock into that soft point. You have to get a really thin needle so you can actually make a hole through this soft corner. So if you make a hole in this soft corner you get the whole fresh water. But – some people would like to directly bang on the hard surface so that they can eat. They are not interested in the water. They can eat the pulp inside. But then you loose the water. They only get the pulp. But if you take the water first and then if you want to also eat the pulp, then first take out the water and then eat the pulp. That depends on what you want to get out of me.

R: Everywhere, if you want to test a coconut – you first need to go inside.

Tuly: If you want to see the real coconut you have to open it.

R: … If you see a mango or so – you can see it´s ripe and you know that, okay it´s ripe or not. You cannot see that with a coconut from the outside.

Tuly: That´s really clever… I´m really raw from the outside, not friendly at all. But if someone takes time to know me then they maybe see that I´m really soft inside. (Laughter)

You hold something very precious and unique.

Tuly: Thank you. Now I actually feel connected to coconut more.



Tuly holds a Master´s Degree in Environmental Studies and Sustainability Science from Lund University and is now enriching Greater Copenhagen with her Rong Tuly Arts creations, soon to be featured in Germany.