Encounters. Connections. Empowerment.

A multi-lingual, multi-purpose, diversity-inspired project.



A world in which we humans grant dignity to all living beings on this planet, including ourselves, acknowledging everybody´s unique potential – because the beauty and resilience of this planet depends on its cultural and ecological diversity.


Being open for encounters, discoveries of connections, and being present for listening to the beautiful words that flow easily about oneself when talking about ones “planty-self”, giving a fruit or vegetable a face.


Who are you?

When have you been asked this question the last time? How did you answer?

If I ask people this question – in an indirect way – I don´t want to know their profession nor what they are doing on a daily basis. Otherwise I would simply ask that.

I am not interested how society classifies and sees you. I am interested in knowing how you see yourself.

By the way, when did you say the last time something nice towards yourself? Difficulties with that? When I have started to ask people with what fruit or vegetable they can identify, I was astonished how easy it became to compliment oneself all of a sudden. To say something positive about you – empowering yourself. And if it´s just in that brief moment of interaction.

In any case: From tomatoes to potatoes – long live diversity!


This project evolved originally with a different intention. However, it was also about empowerment – namely of fruits and vegetables, or simply: food. Too much food is wasted on the way from field to fork. Why? I´d say because we do not value it enough.

In taking pictures of people with the fruit or vegetable they can identify – they give a potato, garlic, cherry, … a face. Would you throw away an apple looking at you? A cucumber with a story? Fact is, that every produce has a story, one that goes beyond the supermarket shelf. Appreciate it.


Nobody can do everything, but everybody can do something.

This project won´t solve the different value-crises on Earth.  But change starts with oneself, right?