Ich denke ich bin wie eine Süßkartoffel weil es ist süß wie ich (Lachen) und ist auch “down to earth”, so ich bin wirklich “earthly”, bodenständig. Just like a sweetpotato, it´s grown on the ground. Und es ist auch eine helle Farbe und ich trage normalerweise wirklich helle Kleider. Und eine Süßkartoffel ist ursprünglich von Amerika, wie ich (Lachen) und auch, es ist …. It´s … very nourishing. Nahrhaft. Und ich denke ich bin ein nahrhafter Mensch. … I like to be hospitable, be a good host. And so I think a sweet potato is a good, nourishing, hosting vegetable because it´s a superfood. So it gives you your iron, and it gives you your vitamin A, C and your fiber….
When I was in Switzerland I had to … so in their English class if you spoke German three times you had to come and bake a cake because you weren´t supposed to speak German. So then for me if I spoke English three times in a day at any point I had to bake something, bring something in. So I spoke English three times by accident so I bring something in, I baked a sweet potato pie. At that time you couldn´t find sweet potatoes very easily. It took me like three different grocery stores and so I felt I was really bringing something to represent my home so…
That way Katie became fluent in German within a year. I met her working at Phoenix Public Market.

[photo credit: Katie]