So I am talking with a Danish potato. Why do you identify with a potato?

(Laughing) I think it´s because it´s like every man´s taste. There is not exactly someone who dislikes a potato (…) … and it´s dirty, it doesn´t go bad so quickly, but it still gets like, you know, weathered, like green from the sun and you know… I don´t know why exactly, it´s just – I feel like a potato (laughing)  … it´s like … just this dirty shape, that´s kind of, everybody likes it and it´s just, you know, it´s dirty, it doesn´t get, you know, wrinkled.

You see the “dirty-ness” as something positive? If you relate it to yourself, so you identify with a potato … you identify being dirty? (both laughing)

Not dirty, more like weathered, like a tree who has been, you know, rain and sun and

Formed by nature

By nature, by you know, experience (slight laughter)


Do you have favorite dish with potatoes?

Oh yeah I think “pizzamel” or “pytt i panna”

Is this something Danish?

Yeah, I think it´s Scandinavian. It´s fried potatoes with a, you know, in a pan with meat, onions and English sauce and maybe eggs on top.


Anders gets very well along with other fruits and vegetables – offering them at an organic   outdoor market.