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Month: November 2018

An invigorating mushroom

Why do you identify with a mushroom?

Because mushrooms … I love the idea of rhizomes, I love the idea of these long tendrils that go through different kinds of soil and allow the soil to live. I aspire to be able to do that. To spread from one place to another, and take ideas from one place to another, and transport things from one place to another and through decades make life happen. Who wouldn´t want that?

The talk “The World that Food made” of Raj Patel ( fell at least in my case on a fertile ground. Let´s see what comes growing…

I am an apple because I prefer when it´s a little cold and I feel that I am reliable and you can take me anywhere. You can keep me in the refrigerator, or you can just keep me out, and – I´ll last. I will survive. …And it´s my favorite time of the year too. I love fall. I think fall is great. Fall, apple picking, when you live down here in the valley you can go up North to go apple picking and I love doing that. I take my daughter, so we do that every year.


I did not meet Peter while picking apples but at Phoenix Public Market working together with a strawberry – in fall.

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