I am a radish – and I don´t know why. I remember as a child, in the garden in the back yard, which was not a luxury, it was quite necessary, my two rows I had to tend to were beets and radishes. And I hate beets. And possibly all radishes may hate beets, it could be a natural built-in prejudice, I don´t know … I just thought radishes. You know, that´s about it. I like radishes, I´m a radish.

How do you like to eat them?
Straight. I mean, I could just eat a meal out of radishes. I don´t want them to be in a salad. Everything else is distracting. … Just knock the dirt off them, don´t even wash them, a little bit of dirt is good for you. Especially on a radish.
Charlie is working together with a pomegranate: They are “Clay Madness”, ceramic artists. He also paints.