Feel free to tell us why you are a sweet potato.

So, I am not just a potato, I am a sweet potato. First of all, because I am sweet and I like sweet stuff a lot and second because it´s a little bit like me, they are, most of them, they don´t look very special from the outside, maybe quite … usual and not too beautiful but actually, once you try them the first time they are really awesome. And it´s just like me. And, it´s not that you have to prepare them in a special way. No matter what you do to them you can´t really do it wrong. So no matter what you do with it, you fry them or you cook them or you use them in a curry. Whatever you do, it´s always contributing, it´s always good. It´s never like … you can´t do anything wrong. It´s not a picky vegetable. It´s not that it has to be the one way and if you don´t do exactly like that then it isn´t good. You can do whatever and you can´t really do it wrong. It´s always good.


Bine´s sweet smile is enriching many places in her favourite city, well-known for and best enjoyed by cycling: Copenhagen.