I identify with a reversed coconut because I´m white but I feel kind of black in ways I identify; and culture things, and values and the society and stuff. But also hard because the nut is hard to crack. It is hard to know the real deal because it has always been adaptive. From like a lot of different people, colors, nationalities, beliefs. … The juice, it´s sweet and very nourishing. The meat doesn´t have any flavor but the consistency it´s like…. I don´t know! …. It´s also kind of used for sweet or salty. …You can also cook the cassava with coconut milk – it´s a base. The water can turn something very hard into something soft. … You really got me thinking! (laughter)

How do you prefer to eat them?

Like raw, as they are. You drink it. You crack it … drink and eat it.


While Annemarie was pondering about the question I enjoyed the view at the Uganic (http://uganic.dk) stand at Copenhagen´s Torvehallerne.

Plenty of potential…