Why do identify with a watermelon?
Because it has always been one of my favorite and it has most recently become a huge part of my life. I eat probably two a week. It has been a part of my transformation. I guess, it´s the most important thing to me. My health transformation. It has been the cornerstone, I guess you could say of that. It has been my go-to food that keeps me happy. (…)
I used to be hugely over-weight. I was a couple of hundred pounds heavier than I am now and that has been like, figuring that out, in growing, getting rid of the bad food that I used to eat. This would be something easy to grab on to, something I always liked …it would always fill me up I guess, not just physically but emotionally and I guess that´s what I´m trying to say.

How do like to eat them?
I cut it in half and eat it all with a spoon. I had over 80 watermelons this year so far.
Kenny is part of Phoenix Public Market´s Community Exchange Stand, offering all kinds of local delights.

[photo credit: Kenny]