I´m a tomato because it´s both a fruit and a vegetable. It is one of my absolute favorite smells in the world and one of my favorite flavors too. It´s like tomato and parmesan and dark chocolate are my favorite things. It´s meaty and juicy, … I don´t know, it´s both subsistent and delightful.

Any further questions?
(Geschichtsträchtiger Apfel) The raw tomato or the cooked tomato?
Oh, raw. Yes, although I do liked cooked tomatoes too. I do liked cooked too but I was thinking of raw.
(Geschichtsträchtiger Apfel) A red or yellow or green one?
Red. No question. Not a cherry. A proper tomato. (Laughter)
Rob sometimes also enriches his dishes, with or without tomato, with freshly picked basil leaves from the bathtub in his garden. Best pesto-maker.