With what fruit or vegetable can you identify with – and why?

Okay let´s see… I think I would have to say a carrot, for several reasons.

One, partially just because I have always loved carrots, just you know, eating them and that type of thing. But also, two, because they are also associated with horses and I have actually, speaking of like identifying yourself with something, I have gone through a huge horse phase and so there was one time where I was just like okay, if I was a breed of horse, what type of horse would I be? And I decided to be a Morgan horse because they are slightly smaller (…), but very strong for their size. This type of thing. So I would have to say that that´s one of the reasons why I´d identify with carrots and then also, they are very versatile. You can grow them almost any time of the year, you can have early spring carrots, you can have fall carrots and then you can actually like have them in winter too, you know, when you harvest them right at the end of the winter or in the middle of winter obviously. And so they are very hearty, very versatile.


Jennifer, working for Siena Farms ( https://sienafarms.com/ ), was sorting Shishito Peppers when I met her at Boston Public Market ( https://bostonpublicmarket.org/ ).